• Exterior Architectural

Santorini 55 Down

55mm Ø Downward aiming LED cylindrical wall light 


Pathways, balconies, foyers, building facades

Design Specifications

  • High output COB LED Chip, L70 - 50,000 hours, CRI 90, 4000K as standard, 3000K available upon request

  • Various lumen outputs ranging from 450lm to 1500lm

  • Integral non-dimmable driver in a flat mount control gear box, remote DALI available upon request 

  • Set back internal reflector with 36° beam optic as standard and 15°, 24° and 50° beam optics available upon request

  • Aluminium body designed for efficient heat dissipation, available in black or silver powdercoat

      • Dimensions - Wiring Diagrams
      • Design Options
      • Photometric Data
      • Technical Specifications

        CODE VARIATION - replace N with RD = Remote DALI / replace 4 with 3 = 3000K / add R15, R24 or R50 at the end of the code for beam optic variations

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