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Arrow X S45100


Introducing Arrow X

A comprehensive range of continuous extruded aluminium LED profiles with direct or direct / indirect optics (suspended model). Designed and manufactured in Sydney, NSW using the latest in LED technology, the Arrow X range is made to the exact specifications of your project. 

Available in suspended, surface mounted and recessed models.


Designed in house to suit the latest in architectural interior lighting requirements, Arrow X can be customised to suit:

♦ Commercial office spaces

♦ Boardrooms 

♦ Open plan work spaces 

♦ Healthcare facilities

♦ Museums 

♦ Libraries and classrooms

Design Specifications

  • High output linear LED board, SDCM <3, L70 >50,000 hours

    Standard model offers CRI 80 and 4000K CCT

  • Integral driver design - DALI2 | DALI type 8 | non-dimmable

  • LED components are manufactured for ultimate modularity offering the ability for custom lumen packages per project

  • High transmission opalised diffuser for a uniform, spot free light distribution

  • Quick connect locking device for accurate end to end mounting

    Screwless, tool-free magnetic end caps

  • Available Options

    • CRI 90
    • Ultra low glare optics
    • 3000K, 3500K and tuneable white CCT
    • Direct only, direct/indirect configurations
  • 3000KCCT
  • 3500KCCT
  • 4000KCCT
  • 3000KCCT
  • 3500KCCT
  • 4000KCCT
  • Dimensions - Wiring Diagrams
  • Design Options
  • Photometric Data
  • Model No. & Technical Specification

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