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Atomis Fusion-MR Circular Commercial LED Panel

Founded in 1991, Atomis architectural lighting has become a manufacturer and designer of innovative and durable products for the professional lighting market. In addition to the extensive off the shelf port-folio, customised luminaires are also a key focus for Atomis architectural lighting. 

Explore the Fusion MR range by Atomis 


Fusion-MR is a range of LED luminaires with modular sizes for use in grid ceilings. With the use of an ambient light sensor energy savings up to 85% can be achieved.

The luminaires are made of a light weight composite panel material consisting of two layers of painted aluminium skin with a thermoplastic core in between. The material has excellent thermal and fire rated values, acoustic isolation and is extremely flat. The luminaires are manufactured and assembled in the Netherlands. As a result of the unique production process, custom luminaire sizes are available on demand, as well as fixtures including air extraction openings.

Design Specifications

  • SDCM <3, CRI >80 and 4000K as standard

  • L80B10 @ 50,000 hours 

  • 145 - 175lm/w efficacy 

  • Opal diffuser for architectural appearance (UGR<22)

  • Lowglare microprismatic lens (UGR<19) 

  • Available Options

    • DALI dimmable 
    • Integrated daylight sensor 
    • Air extraction slots 
  • 3000KCCT
  • 4000KCCT
  • 3000KCCT
  • 4000KCCT
  • Dimensions - Wiring Diagrams
  • Design Options
  • Photometric Data
  • Model No. & Technical Specification
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