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The WELL Building Standard™ (WELL) has exploded in Australia with more than 10% of all office space either certified or registered according to the International Well Building Institute.

SAL Commercial provides WELL Building Standard guidance with Simon J Richardson as our WELL AP (Accredited Professional) on staff so we can support your understanding and delivery of the Lighting portion of your WELL accreditation. Simon is available to become a member of your WELL Project team.


The WELL Building Standard™ (WELL) is at the forefront of the Healthy Building Movement, and where the Green Building movement focused on energy, water and waste, the Healthy Building movement, lead by WELL, focuses on the most important and expensive asset for many businesses, its people and their health and well being.


"We know from April 2020 research from the Harvard School of Public Health that Healthy buildings attract better tenants and higher yields and buildings with a lower rating will lag in yields and returns", says Simon Richardson, National Technology and Solution Manager "And that's another reason why we have partnered with senseagent to deliver our Advanced Workplace Sensor solution to provide smarter officeshealthy building upgrades and simple, annual WELL reporting at the press of a button."


WELL Building Standard™ works hand in hand with other Australian building rating tools too.

In Australia, alignment with the Green Building Council of Australia and WELL provide what are called Crosswalks - which according to WELL "are intended to identify synergies between WELL and other green or sensor-related building standards, and streamline efforts for projects seeking a dual rating by acknowledging where WELL Building Standard requirements are deemed equivalent and aligned with aspects of the alternate building rating tool."

Source: https://standard.wellcertified.com/well-crosswalks


You can download a presentation that outlines where achievement of Green Star credits will provide achievement of a WELL feature here:


If you need assistance with your WELL Building projects get in touch with Simon J Richardson directly: simon.r@salcommercial.net.au