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DISANO Illuminazione

SAL Commercial are proud to partner with Disano illuminazione, a lighting manufacturer and designer based in Milan, Italy.

Disano illuminazione was established in 1957 and rapidly developed into a market leader for professional lighting products such as watertight fixtures and streetlights. Its growth went hand in hand with constant investments in the industrial and commercial lighting sectors, enabling it to expand its range of luminaires to all fields of public, commercial and industrial lighting. In the ‘90s, the company established Iluminación Disano, headquartered in Tarragona, Spain and Disano France with offices in High Savoy. It then expanded in European and non-European countries thanks to Representative Offices, hence providing the Disano group with an international presence, which has grown steadily over the years.

Following the success of its range of industrial lighting fixtures, the company is now capable of meeting the new requirements of an increasingly demanding lighting market, turning into one of the most well-known and best regarded Italian lighting manufacturers in Europe and in the world. Its head office is in Milan, near a highly advanced and entirely automated logistics and manufacturing site in the province of Pavia.

Disano’s corporate philosophy is the same that has contributed to the success of Made-in-Italy brands in the world, namely top-quality products, excellent reliability, and utmost attention to customer relations. Disano believes that the new light-based technologies are particularly important to foster a form of development that is closer to the health of the planet and the wellbeing of its inhabitants. It considers smart lighting and human centric lighting as major opportunities for the lighting industry.

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A specialised brand

Fosnova is a member company of the Disano Group. Fosnova manufactures interior luminaires to enhance space design by using the colours and qualities of LED lights in the best way possible. Offering a wide range of recessed lights, wall-mounted fixtures and ceiling luminaires that are particularly suited for commercial and retail applications, and as an added benefit thanks to their excellent performance, Fosnova products have been used to illuminate historic buildings, major exhibitions, and sophisticated open spaces. 
Fosnova also manufactures lighting solutions that comply with human centric lighting criteria.

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