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SAL Commercial are proud to partner with Brandon Medical, an European based medical lighting manufacturer and designer of world-leading technology for operating theatres, critical care & primary care areas.

Brandon Medical is an award winning, medical technology company with 65 years of healthcare experience. Their range of medical healthcare products includes lighting for hospitals, operating theatres, surgical areas, medical AV systems and telemedicine solutions, uninterruptible power supplies and isolated power supplies.

Incorporating active anti-microbial additives into the construction of their LED medical lighting products, the product design and engineering team at Brandon Medical rely on their experience in the healthcare industry as they endeavour to design equipment using the latest technology for everyday use in a modern healthcare facility. Their goal for the technology selected is to ensure that healthcare facilities, clinics, surgeries and hospitals are cleaner, modernised and at the leading edge of modern technology. 

Brandon Medical are one of the worlds leading manufacturers of high-tech medical lighting, and their equipment can be found in surgeries, clinics and hospitals throughout the world. With a focus on the highest quality LED technology and designing products with anti-microbial properties, Brandon Medical is at the forefront of the medical lighting industry. 

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