What does the release of the WELL Building Standard V2 mean for Lighting?

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The WELL Building Standard https://www.wellcertified.com/ consists of features that include lighting strategies such as integrating daylight, integrating electric lighting and focusing on the users needs.

SAL Commercial recognises the necessary contribution from the IALD (International Lighting Designers and their members. Their drive for excellence and understanding the role of lighting in the built environment which enhances and strengthens designs.

The following and links to SAL Commercial's FAQ section  and is an extract (and UPDATE) from the IALD guidelines for lighting manufacturers to help lighting designers understand how their products will meet the WELL Building Standard criterias.

 -- Updated Table for Recommended Manufacturers Data -  Glare (L04 Electric Light Glare Control) --

The WELL Building Standard V2 has now been released and with this some fine tuning of the Light Concept requirements to achieve the points as part of the certification.

Unlike WELL Standard Version 1 which, because the level of certification being based on the percentage of Features achieved, meant that all Parts associated with that Feature needed to be met, otherwise there was no partial credit awarded. 

Version 2 provides shifts to a points based system to reward projects for pursuing features that will have the greatest impact and alignment with their goals providing more flexibility of selecting parts independently, expansion of optimisation features and more innovation opportunities overall.

Below are the links to the SAL Commercial WELL Building Standard FAQ’s that relate directly to the Light Concept and as a guideline for lighting designers, engineers and others.

 -- Updated Table for Recommended Manufacturers Data - Color Rendering (L08 Electric Light Quality - Part 1 Enhance Color Rendering Quality) --


There are 4 primary parts - each is a link to the FAQ with more details:

  1. Melanopic Ratio (L03 Circadian Lighting Design)
  2. Glare (L04 Electric Light Glare Control)
  3. Color Rendering (L08 Electric Light Quality - Part 1 Enhance Color Rendering Quality)
  4. Flicker ( L08 Electric Light Quality - Part 2 Manage Flicker)