• Commercial LED Vandal Proof

Grandlux Tri-Colour Emergency

IP66 IK10 Die-Cast Aluminium Vandalproof Luminaire

Introducing the Grandlux IP66 IK10 LED Vandalproof, a robust and long-lasting luminaire designed to withstand the toughest conditions. With NATA certified test reports for IP66 ingress protection and IK10 impact protection rating, you can be confident in the luminaire's durability. Boasting a die-cast aluminum construction, anti-tamper screws and a toughened polycarbonate diffuser, the Grandlux is the perfect solution for those arduous environments, including correctional facilities, railway platforms, tunnels, maintenance pits, schools, public amenities, transport yards, and car parks.

The Grandlux luminaire is designed to provide reliable performance through a wide range of temperatures, from -30°C up to 50°C. It also comes with surge protection device to help keep your fittings safe from damage during a power outage. Available in both 2ft and 4ft, the Grandlux range includes Emergency, Integrated night light, In-built motion sensor and Multi-colour models.

For a luminaire that will stand up to the toughest conditions, and provide reliable performance, the Grandlux IP66 IK10 LED Vandalproof is the perfect choice.


Designed for the most arduous environements with 40 re-inforced internal rib supports offering exceptional strength and rigidity, the Grandlux IP66 IK10 vandalproof LED luminaire is suitable for most hazardous locations

Suitable applications include - Correctional Facilities, Transport Tunnels, Railway Platforms, School Security & Walkways, Stairwells & Corridors, Maintenance Pits, Public Amenities, Public Carparks, Warhouse & Dock Yards

Design Specifications

  • LiFePO4 Lithium Battery Technology with AS/NZS 2293.3:2018 compliance

  • > 120lm/w with Tri-Colour CCT (3000K / 4000K / 5700K) 

  • Removable Gear Tray with L90/B10 >50,000 Hour LED Chips, 10KV Surge Protection Device & 6mm Terminal Block

  • Die-Cast Aluminium Body (Dark Grey RAL7015) with High Transmission Opal Diffuser & Captive Washers / Anti-Tamper Screws

  • Accessories Available

    • Stainless Steel Suspension Kit (CGXSSSK)
    • Hot Dipped Gal Surface Mount Kit (CGXSMB)
    • Hot Dipped Gal 34mm Diameter Spigot Pole Adaptor (CGXOSB)
    • Hot Dipped Gal Rod Suspension Kit (CGXRSB)


  • Available Options

    • Integral DALI2 Driver
    • Integral Emergency
    • Integral Microwave Motion Sensor
    • Integral Corridor Function Motion Sensor 
    • Night Light
    • Clear Diffuser
    • Security Torx Screws


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  • 3000KCCT
  • 4000KCCT
  • 5700KCCT
  • 3000KCCT
  • 4000KCCT
  • 5700KCCT
  • Dimensions - Wiring Diagrams
  • Design Options
  • Photometric Data
  • Model No. & Technical Specification
    Model No. Description Power Lumens CCT Colour Temp. CRI Add to Enquiry
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    Model No.CGX0640TCNEM DescriptionDual Power 40w / 25w, Tri-Colour, Non-Dim, Emergency, Opal Diffuser Power40 Lumens4800 CCT3000/4000/5700 Colour Temp.3000 CRI80 Add to Enquiry Add Remove Remove
    Model No.CGX1260TCNEM DescriptionDual Power 60w / 40w, Tri-Colour, Non-Dim, Emergency, Opal Diffuser Power60 Lumens7200 CCT3000/4000/5700 Colour Temp.3000 CRI80 Add to Enquiry Add Remove Remove
    Model No.CGX0640TCNCEM DescriptionDual Power 40w / 25w, Tri-Colour, Non-Dim, Emergency, Clear Diffuser Power40 Lumens4800 CCT4000/5700 Colour Temp. CRI80 Add to Enquiry Add Remove Remove
    Model No.CGX1260TCNCEM DescriptionDual Power 60w / 40w, Tri-Colour, Non-Dim, Emergency, Clear Diffuser Power60 Lumens7200 CCT3000/4000/5700 Colour Temp.3000 CRI80 Add to Enquiry Add Remove Remove

    AS/NZS 2293.3:2018 Compliant | C0: D100 / C90: D63 Classification

    Note: Lumens (lm) Shown are Delivered @ Full Power - 4000K 

    Code Methodology:

    Prefix: CGX

    Length: 06 = 600mm / 12 = 1200mm 

    Output (w): 40 = 600mm / 60 = 1200mm

    CCT: TC = Tri-Colour (3000K / 4000K / 5700K)

    Driver: N = Non-Dim / D = DALI2

    Emergency: EM = Emergency / DEM = DALI Emergency

    Diffuser: *Opal is default as standard / C = Clear

    Security Screw: TX = Torx Screw

    Product Examples: CGX0640TCDEMC - Grandlux 600mm - DALI2, DALI Emergency, Clear Diffuser / CGX1260TCNEMTX - Grandlux 1200mm - Non-Dim, Emergency, Torx Screws

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