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LED Bollard

The Portofino is part a of a large range of bollards designed for pathway lighting in residential and urban spaces. With a variety of designs and mounting options, along with optimised optics to suit most applications, the Disano LED exterior range offers an exquisite selection of styles and finishes to suit any modern day project. 


Offering high visual comfort with excellent glare control and uniform illumination, the Disano Portofino LED range is available in a range of specifications and mounting options. Applications include: exterior area, urban spaces and pathway applications.

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Design Specifications

  • Aluminium housing with vandal resistant diffuser 

  • UV stabilised polycarbonate diffuser material 

  • Anti-corrosive coating as standard 

  • Vast range of styles, sizes and mounting options

  • 3000KCCT
  • 4000KCCT
  • 3000KCCT
  • 4000KCCT
  • Dimensions - Wiring Diagrams
  • Design Options
  • Photometric Data
  • Model No. & Technical Specification

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